Cell Phones On-site: Harmful or Helpful?


As time passes, we are realizing more and more than cell phones are playing a bigger part in the construction industry than ever before.

Technology in general has become so advanced that you find yourself spending more time on how to install the plan reading software on to the new TV/computer/tablet/phone than you actually spend using the software. We can’t help but notice some flaws and some benefits to the increase in technology.

We recently installed TV’s that connect to tablets or computers here in the office in hopes that we could cut costs and do away with paper plans in-house for the most part. But the PM’s are not switching over as swiftly as we expected and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that no matter how advanced the products are- there is something about putting your hands on paper plans. Being able to turn to exactly the page you would like, marking it with that same highlighter color you have been marking plumbing pipes, electrical lines and deck heights with since you started reading plans years ago. It is a tough transition. Despite the benefits of being able to link your mark ups directly with your site superintendent and vice versa, and the advantage of having the plans instantly available to you and everybody onsite without having to order, print and ship… we are still drawn back to paper plans.


There is a full list of pros and cons for cell phones as well. Cell phones and tablets onsite help superintendents to have access to all of the job site forms, plans, subcontractor contact information and on and on but can they do more harm than good? Is that too much distraction in a field full of heavy equipment and responsibilities?

The article below touches on the subject and creates the opening for a good old-fashioned debate at your next meeting!